About Us

A little about our mission...

I’m Danielle, I started HoodieBee.com.  We have a unique approach to outerwear at an incredible value!  We supply on trend, well-fitting hoodies, sweatshirts and windbreakers with detail down to the thread. 

I grew up on the beach with warm summers and cool winters.  Having a comfortable hoodie for when the sun goes down was something I never left home without.  Nothing ruins a sunset like goosebumps. 

I’ve spent countless hours combing through current styles to capture both a casual & professional look.  I didn't want to sacrifice quality for a staggering price tag.  I finally decided to pool my resources and start the company I was looking for Hoodiebee.com,  Quality hoodies that last.

We launched Hoodie Hive!  A box subscription to get our amazing hoodie line to you and your peeps.  You can update your wardrobe and not break the bank.  Hoodie Hive boxes are a perfect fit!   Save time & 40% off retail each month!  Our stylists hand select pieces from our current season of hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, windbreakers & jackets for each box offering the freshest mix for your monthly box.

Meet Our Team

Danielle Founder of HoodieBee.com

Trudy - Team Mascot

Christian - Brand Ambassador

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